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“Five Ideas for Nurturing
Positive School Conversations”

  • Creativity is for the gifted few: the rest of us are compelled to live in environments constructed by the gifted few, listen to the gifted few’s music, use the gifted few’s inventions and art, and read the poems, fantasies and plays by the gifted few. This is what our education and culture conditions us to believe, and this is a culturally induced and perpetuated lie. Simone Nicholson
    How Not To Cheat Children: The Theory of Loose Parts

Podcast Samples

I would love to capture your voice on one of my Podcasts. Here's a quick sample of some of the work I've done over the past couple of years. Let's connect if you're interested in working on something that will raise your voice!

1Teachable Moments Promo 1.06 MB 1:09
2Teachable Moments Sir John A Day 18.32 MB 20:00
3Teachable Moments Vicky Loras 24.51 MB 26:46
4Teachable Moments Voting Rules 18.5 MB 20:12